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What is a home inspection?

A Home Inspection is intetended to assist in evaluation of overall condition of a building. The inspection is based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the building and its components on the date of the Inspection. The results of a Home Inspection are not intended to make any representation regarding latent or concealed defects that may exist, and no warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied. If your Home Inspector is not a licensed Structural Engineer or other professional whose license Authorizes the rendering of an opinion as to the structural integrity of a building or its component parts, You may be advised to seek a professional opinion as to any defects or concerns mentioned in a home-inspection report.

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Commercial Building Inspections

Baltimore Commercial Building Inspections

Homecheck Inspection Services offer residential zoned commercial, light commercial and industrial commercial property inspections. Whether you're buying a restaurant or an office building, we're here to help!

We'll evaluate structure, roof, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems to make sure your structure is sound!

Why Use Home Check for Commerial Building Inspections in Baltimore and Beyond

Home Check provides the best commecial building inspections in the industry at reasonable prices. We're one stop shopping for all of your commercial building inspection needs.

Our team has an average of 12-13 years experience in inspecting and combined have inspected tens of thousands of structures in the Baltimore, Washington Metropolitan areas. After we perform a commercial building inspection, we'll provide you a software generated report along with your inspection, and for a small extra charge can supply a report with pictures of any areas of concern we found during the course of the inspection.

We perform radon testing and radon inspection in:

  • Commecial Building Inspection - Fredrick County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Carroll County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Howard County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Baltimore County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Harford County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Cecil County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Anne Arundel County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Prince Georges County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Montgomery County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Charles County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Queen Anne County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Kent County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Talbot County
  • Commecial Building Inspection - Caroline County

Our support staff is excellent and will answer any of your inspection, testing and scheduling questions, and get you your test results, paper work and Certificates to you in an efficient and timely manner. Our support staff is our companies secret weapon because a lot of Inspection Companies do not have office help and our one man shows, where the paperwork end of the business slips through the cracks. This can be a real problem for a client waiting for test results that never seam to come and time is running out on you contract. Our staff is well aware of the time constraints in Real Estate Contracts and we take your needs very seriously and will get you the test results and other inspection items to you ASAP.

Baltimore County Landlord Rental Inspections

By January 1, 2009, all properties had to be registered with the County and have passed a rental inspection checklist by a licensed home inspector.

We can offer this service to any landlord on a per unit basis.

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Baltimore Lead Testing - Lead Paint Inspectors

Lead Paint Inspection BaltimoreYour Baltimore Lead Paint Inspectors

Homecheck Inspection Services tests for lead based paint on residential and commercial properties. We are most often employed by landlords and property manager to ensure their compliance with Maryland lead paint laws, because it is required that landlords in Maryland have valid lead paint certificates for their properties.

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Baltimore Area Radon Testing

Radon Gas Testing Baltimore MDHomecheck Inspection Services is certified in radon inspections and can help assure that your home is safe from this dangerous, cancer causing gas.

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