Pricing Effective 4/18/18


Problem Analysis /Consultation

$175.00 first hour; $75.00 each subsequent hour.


Condominium Inspections

One level Condos up to 2000 sq. Ft. 

Townhouse/Rowhome Inspections Under 2250 sq. Ft.

Townhouse Inspections Over 2000 sq. Ft.
Please call the office for rates.

Single Family Inspections

Single Family Inspection up to 2250 sq. Ft.

For Larger homes call for rates.

Outbuildings (garages) are $25 extra.

Extra Units (multi family) are an extra $50.00 per unit on home inspections; or $25.00 for each extra unit over and above the first for rental inspections.

Crawl Space Fee

Pre-Listing Inspections
Call or Contact For Rates 


HQS re inspections



Radon Testing 

Mold Testing 
$175.00 swab sample

Air Samples 
$275 and up.

Water Testing 
$140.00 (bacterial/chemical) $200 with Lead.

Termite Inspection 
$75 with the purchase of a Home Inspection.
Pick and Shovel 

Lead Paint Inspection & Testing XRF (Lead Free Inspection)  

Lead Safe  Inspection

Dust Wipes (Lead Safe Inspection)  
$295.00 for up to 10 samples. XRF $350.00