By January 1, 2009, all properties had to be registered with the County and have passed a rental inspection checklist by a licensed home inspector.

We can offer this service to any landlord on a per unit basis.

Rental inspection checklist you should inspect before calling an inspector.

  • Check smoke detectors

  • Be sure electrical system/switches are working

  • All plumbing - functional hot and water

  • Windows are operational

  • Proper ventilation of all combustion appliances (furnace, hot water heater, dryer)

  • Carbon Monoxide detector

  • Secondary means of escape from sleeping areas (windows)

  • No exterior safety hazards

  • Visual inspection - look to be sure there are no obvious holes or other damage to the property

  • Basement rental inspection checklist: window with a minimum of 5.5 square feet opening, no more than 44 inches from the floor, or a basement door with a thumb-turn deadbolt

  • Railings on stairs more than three steps high (indoor and outdoor)